Danir 19

Kr. Valdemara street 100,
Riga, Latvia, LV-1013

Tél: +371 22333402


DANIR 19 is the result of the Merger in 2022 between ELEVEN CORP. and DANIR CORP., giving rise to a historic partnership in transport logistics.

Benefiting from more than ten years’ experience in the “Project Cargo” business and more than 18 years in the general transport logistics business, DANIR 19 has since grown and widely diversified its activity, notably in the outsized cargo sector and transport logistics as such.

DANIR 19 is involved in all types of transport, with its greater recognized specialty being ROAD Transport.

DANIR 19 has four Locations : 2 in Lithuania, 1 in Kazakhstan, and 1 in Turkey.

In 2023, DANIR 19 had 28 employees in Lithuania, 2 in Kazakhstan and 3 in Turkey.

It is a leader in its market !